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Automatic pressure gel process is one of the best processes for medium voltage insulation parts production and has been widely used in transmission and distribution industry. It is the pouring material through the external pressure through the runner into the mold, the gel process to maintain the injection pressure, and constantly inject new material into the mold cavity, in order to compensate for the solidification shrinkage caused by the defect, reduce the internal stress, so the precision is high, the surface quality is good; Fast curing speed, high die application rate, short production cycle, improve labor efficiency; High degree of production automation, easy to operate and control production, low labor intensity of operators.

JINSIL products total include five series, including the solid-sealed pole series, the sf6 gas-filled cabinet series, the environment-friendly gas-filled cabinet series, the 10~40.5kv complete set of insulation parts and the GIS insulation components series.

The company will continue to research and develop complete sets of core components for switches, provide customers with more comprehensive, more convenient and better performance products, and is the first choice to build high-quality components manufacturing industry in an all-round way.
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